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LTL Services

Why pay for an entire truck when your freight simply doesn’t need it? AMFL Logistics offers top-of-the-line less-than-truckload freight delivery so you can cut costs while still receiving the highest standard of service. Through our tight network of shipping connections and our wide variety of different modes, we’re able to meet the diverse needs of our clients who need a quick LTL delivery.

Reduce Your Costs and Increase Your Security

When booking an LTL shipment with AMFL Logistics, you’ll pay a premium only for the portion of the trailer your freight occupies so you can keep your costs down. We also offer increased security for your items, as we package the freight onto pallets before we safely and carefully load them into our trucks. Our reasoning is that a well-packaged pallet is more likely to stay safe and secure than several loose, packaged items.

Tracking and Other Benefits

AMFL Logistics adopts industry-leading technology, so we can maintain complete transparency with our customers. That’s why we offer additional benefits such as special liftgates, inside pickup and delivery, and tracking capabilities. We know that in order to deliver unparalleled service, you want to make sure your items are on the right track. Not only will we ensure that they are, but we’ll maintain excellent communication for your piece of mind.

A Company You Can Trust for Supply Chain Optimization

AMFL Logistics know that outside of having a trustworthy supply chain manager, you want transparency, optimal efficiency, and profitability.

That’s why our supply chain management technology and resources are built on core values that drive your bottom line. We’re not just a company that you can trust and rely on, but we go the extra mile to ensure that we adopt your main objectives in our processes.

Our process is comprised of an extensive network of top-tier, trusted carriers that aims to deliver exemplary service. We want to ensure peace of mind for our clients by assuring them that we hold ourselves to the highest compliance standards in the industry in both the United States and Canada.   If you’re ready to pass off this critical part of your business to a supply chain management company you can pour your complete trust in, contact us today. We’re standing by ready to provide a level of service that can’t be matched.