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AMFL is a Service-Driven Freight Company With an Eye on Safety

AMFL Logistics has a sound network that share a core value of exceeding customer expectations. We pride ourselves on our continuous mission to improve our service offering to our valued clients, while also ensuring increased efficiency over time. Outside of having the core mission of providing top-tier services, one of the main pillars of our business model is teamwork. Even when under pressure, we maintain a respectful environment, ensuring that we always work as a team to accelerate results.


Safety and Service is Our Number One Priority

We are a safety-conscious company that ensures that safety and service are equal priorities. We aim to create a safety culture for each other, our communities and our environment. Cutting corners simply isn’t the AMFL way, which is why we do things right the first time. We nurture a culture if taking care of each other, and we aim for continuous improvement of our safety culture in all aspects of the company


Industry-Leading Standards

AMFL Logistics prides ourselves on the constant practice of industry-leading standards. Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, you can trust that we adhere to all guidelines in addition to providing unparalleled service.


Innovative Processes

In order to provide an efficient process, we’ve tailored our logistics and transportation solutions in a way that ensures the quality control of highly coordinated goods movement. You can rest assured that from the origin to the destination, we’ll provide highly innovative practices through each fact of our supply chain network.



AMFL recognizes that our employees are the backbone of our core mission. That’s why we treat each one with respect and dignity, and we uphold a diverse, comfortable atmosphere. We know that a positive work atmosphere is paramount in delivering exemplary service


Highly-Coordinated Services

All of our processes are executed with strategy and tact.

Around the Clock Customer Service

Our customers are our bloodline. Whatever your query may be, we’re on stand by ready to help.

Environmentally Conscious

We know that employing sustainable practices is critical. That’s why we strive to leave a minimal eco-footprint.

Safety-First Sentiments

Safe, innovative, and respectful operations is the foundation of our service.

Why Choose Us?

We know that the industry is highly competitive,
which is why we position ourselves to stand out

At the end of the day, you need safe, reliable, and efficient services in order to meet your bottom line. At AMFL Logistics, we know that we can provide exactly what you’re looking for,and can even exceed your expectations.The foundation of our business model features all of your top priorities, and with vigilance and constant process-improvement, we know that we can satisfy even the most complex of logistics and transportation needs. If you’re ready to partner with an effective, reliable company for your  needs, contact us today.