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Express Deliveries

Have a time crunch? We understand that in business, anything can happen. AMFL Logistics recognizes the need for a speedy delivery when needed, which is why we’ve built our business model around accommodating even the most time-sensitive freight needs. Simply fill us in on the details, and we’ll come up with a process that will ensure we get your load where it needs to go, ASAP.

Premium Express Delivery Pricing

Some companies will quote you an obscene amount for express deliveries. At AMFL, we believe that just because you have heightened delivery needs, doesn’t mean you should have to pay out the nose for them. We’ll offer you competitive pricing for your unique delivery needs, and you can be sure that you can trust and rely on us to relieve any stress you have associated with the time-sensitivity. Our effective and efficient network carries out a process that has been artfully tailored over time to comply with even the most crunched timeframes.

Careful Handling and Management

Just because you need quick delivery, doesn’t mean your service should suffer. AMFL recognizes that time sensitivity doesn’t mean cutting corners is okay. Our company is built on the core mission of providing exemplary service to our customers, no matter what the diversity involved in their supply chain. A short time frame for delivery simply means that you need more efficient, creative ways to carry out your freight delivery, and AMFL has the knowledge, equipment, expertise, and process to find the perfect one.

A Company You Can Trust for Supply Chain Optimization

Amfl logistics know that outside of having a trustworthy supply chain manager,you want transparency, optimal efficiency, and profitability.

That’s why our supply chain management technology and resources are built on core values that drive your bottom line. We’re not just a company that you can trust and rely on, but we go the extra mile to ensure that we adopt your main objectives in our processes.

Our process is comprised of an extensive network of top-tier, trusted carriers that aims to deliver exemplary service. We want to ensure peace of mind for our clients by assuring them that we hold ourselves to the highest compliance standards in the industry in both the United States and Canada.

If you’re ready to pass off this critical part of your business to a supply chain management company you can pour your complete trust in, contact us today. We’re standing by ready to provide a level of service that can’t be matched.